Filipa Frois, Connecting Art and Architecture


Filipa's career is a mixture of art and architecture. Being naturally drawn to artistic areas from a very young age and interested in so many different scientific areas growing up, Filipa ended up transporting all those passions to her career.  

"I've always liked trying to understand the world around me through art, psychology, maths and other scientific areas. I think the areas I work in are a direct consequence of that. It's very fulfilling being able to mix all those different action areas and knowledge." 

When asked about the evolution of consuming habits in her generation, she believes: "There is more Ambiental conscience in the young generations now compared to the ones from my time. That's very positive, but there's still a lot of work to do! Together, we must learn how to grow and evolve with all the current challenges."   



"My work and the way I consume are highly influenced by myself. I value products that have sustainability in mind and that support the local economy.
Regarding brands, I consider it essential that there is a concern for the longevity and reuse of their products. Deep down, issues related to the environment are a topic that has to be a concern of all of us. Doing good on the micro-scale will have repercussions on the macro-scale.​

I love iGUANEYE's design, they are super original and very comfortable, and the colours are beautiful.

Usually, I'm not too fond of the feeling of exposed feet like the one we have when wearing sandals. And although iGUANEYE are open shoes, they protect all the essential parts of the foot. So I wear them often, from casual to formal events."