The idea behind iGUANEYE was inspired by natural walking in the tales of the Amazonian Indians who used to protect their feet by dipping them in latex from the trees. Adjusting like a second-skin, iGUANEYE's snug fit adapts to all your movements, and because of the advanced elastomer, it avoids irritation on your feet. The material used for the main part is neutral, hypoallergenic, soft, and very flexible to ensure maximum comfort.⠀

The main part of the shoe incorporates a removable and ventilated insole. This insole is made of cork (98%) and natural latex (2%) and is coated with leather hide. By choosing these materials, we ensure top hygiene and comfort. Leather is soft to the skin, and cork acts as a naturally antibacterial material, which absorbs sweat and prevents odours. 

The insoles are also handmade in Portugal using innovative technology: a micro-net incorporated into the sole at the moulding stage allows the cork to take various shapes and support distortions.