Customer Service

-When will I receive my order?
You can get the tracking link for each order on Shopify (search with email, name or order number in the search bar). You can also find the tracking number on MyTNT Shipment History (search with name or order number).

2-TNT/Fedex was not able to find the client or the client was not home. Then you can advise the customer to contact directly their local Fedex (TNT for Europe) agency. Here is a link with the text model you can use in this case :
You just have to edit the name, the tracking number and the tracking link.

3-Parcel is stuck at custom. You can send an email to asking what is going on.

4-If TNT is asking for the invoice for custom release, you can find the invoice on Shopify, on the order page (search with order number in the search bar)/More actions/Download invoice
Alternatively, you can find all the invoice in the mailbox in the folder Faturas

-I receive the wrong size what is the process for an exchange?
Here is a link with the text model you can use in this case :

-I don't like the shoes, I want a refund.
Here is a link with the text model you can use in this case :

-When a customer have send back an order.
You will have to order the right product (most of the time another size) directly on Shopify. It can wether be from the order page (search with the order number) then More actions/Duplicate DON'T FORGET TO CHANGE SIZE OR COLOR then put a 100% discount then click on Collect Payment/Mark as paid
You can also build a new Draft Order from scratch. Search for the right customer, select the right product and put a 100% discount.

PS : As soon as the customer provide a legit tracking link or a photo of a real receipt for the return, you can order a new pair for him. No need to wait for Rangel to confirm the reception.
PS2 : You don't need to create a shipment on MyTNT, the automatic script will do it from the new Shopify order.

-For quality problems.
First ask customer to send images displaying the problem. It can be cork insoles cracking, top layer of WP insoles peeling, main bodies both for Freshoes and Jungle cracking...
Just send back a product (Same process than for Exchange, use Draft Order in Shopify). Note that you can select Freshoes and Jungle main body alone (without insoles) in Shopify.

-Lost of the Eye/Target logo at the back.
Email model can be something like :
Hi, Please confirm your delivery address and we will send you a replacement eye/target part. Regards,

Then you have to contact Rangel by email to ask them to prepare an enveloppe with 2 “peças logo olinhos”. Once they confirm, you create a shipment in MyTNT (You can find the previous shipment for the customer in
Shipment History then click on Repeat Shipment. Don't forget to change dimension to Enveloppe Non Document and upload the invoice of the first order for custom clearance).

-Always stay calm and polite. Some customers can be rude but nothing about you. It is just because they have a lot of stress in their life. We are here to help them feel better ; )

-You will see that sometimes TNT and Rangel are not working perfectly and this may have consequences on the service we can provide to the customers. Once again do your best with what you have but don't take it personal. By the way, if you can help to ease and improve the process, don't hesitate to make some suggestions.

-For any question regarding the preparation, shipping, stock... please send an email to RANGEL warehouse with all those addresses :

-For any question, you can contact me on the Upwork chat or by phone 918 593 935
I will of course help and assist you (especially in the beginning).