About us

iGUANEYE is a minimal footwear company bringing barefoot comfort so you can feel grounded.

Our inspiration came from the tales of the Amazonian Indians who would dip their feet in the latex from trees to protect them. With this simple idea in mind, we developed a new concept of footwear that keeps the material minimum enough to free your feet but protect them at the same time, just like a second skin.

A pair of iGUANEYE is responsibly made in Portugal using only high-quality and ecological materials.

iGUANEYE is a minimalistic brand, both in the design and the low impact in the product life cycle. A pair of iGUANEYE is made to last. The main body of the iGUANEYE require no seams and no glue. After a long life and many miles, the shoes can be disassembled and the different parts sent to a common recycling bin.

iGUANEYE is low-tech in its essence, offering a barefoot way of walking, not without some support and improved aesthetics. The technology, design, and materials are tested and certified being recommended by health professionals.

iGUANEYE is a pioneer brand founded by Olivier Taco. Olivier is a french designer. He moves to Portugal in 2013. After a first crowdfunding campaign to launch the project, he has been contacted by one of the biggest sole producer of Europe. Working as a designer for this supplier he was at the best spot top learn what was needed to design innovative footwear. It was also very practical to seek and find the best companies to craft all the different part involved. iGUANEYE is now working with five different companies. All in a 40km radius around Porto. This close relation is almost 10 years old now.