Meet Rita, our community and content manager and the human being who replies to your DM's


Hi! It's usually from Porto that I reply to your messages. But it can be at times from Lisbon (where I often visit friends), or even my hometown (Castelo Branco). Being a bit of a nomadic soul makes me wander often, but it is Porto the city that I embraced to live in for the last four years (and counting). I am a product designer, but for the past few years, I started shifting towards curation, production and promotion of brands committed to changing the paradigm of fast fashion: brands, just like iGUANEYE, who want to improve their impact on the planet and the lives of all involved in the supply chain. 

Working close to these brands and helping them spread their message (and hopefully their products) is one thing that makes me happy.

I have sustainability as one of my personal battles. It only makes sense for me to work with brands that defy the traditional production and consumption system.  As we evolve, the lines get very thin: you cannot disconnect your beliefs and who you are from what you do and how you do it. It just doesn't make sense anymore.

I've met dedicated advocates for better fashion and incredible human beings: they are a huge inspiration. When we met Olivier (the founder of iGUANEYE, who also chose Porto to live), it was very obvious that he was one of those. He is a dreamer and has been working really hard for the last ten years to create a global product that is wholly produced and sourced in Portugal. And that is just admirable, I was thrilled to start working with him. 

On how amazing are the iGUANEYE shoes.

Well, that's the cherry on top of the cake. Besides sharing the brand's ethos, when I wore my Freshoes for the first time, my birkies got a break for the next few days. I must confess it took me a while to make up my mind about this design, but in the minute I wore them the first time, they simply hugged my feet and made me company for the whole spring and summer. And they make my feet look so cool! 

My favorite combo was the Freshoes Light Grey with the Yellow Green insoles. Until this summer,  when the Yellow Sun Freshoes were released. I guess those are my favorite now. I would mix them with the waterproof insoles to get a pair ready for new (and soaked) adventures.

On what should be next for iGUANEYE.

Hmm, good one. I guess many people are expecting some cold weather versions (yes, I read through all your messages and comments!)

Besides that, I think it should be great fun to organize a collab' with a like-minded brand and see what comes out! When the energy is good, great things can happen!