ANA NOVAIS : Food, Innovation and Sustainability

Ana Novais (AKA
Petiscos) used to be a chef, then a food stylist, and now helps food and lifestyle brands with their communication. Her main concerns are quality, provenience and sustainability. Before, in what now seems another life, she worked in theater, cinema and television. Born in Porto and now based in Lisbon, she lived in Rome, Berlin and Munich.

My career as a food stylist started with a blog and with a bit of luck, hard work and lots of fun, it became a full-time job. Healthy eating is a significant trend: we are nowadays much more informed and conscious of our food choices. We are much more careful about the quality, provenience and sustainability of what we eat. Being vegan and having a plant-based diet is now mainstream, and this is excellent news. 

food innovation

My professional life took me to many places. This experience informed the way I consume and eat. Germany was critical in this process. The way they eat there is much different than it used to be in Portugal

I’m now very conscious when buying. Just not the food, but everything else. I believe brands have an essential role in a better future. Sustainability and innovation drive my choices and are two things I enjoy in iGUANEYE. That and the lightness of the shoes. They are so light!

Photos: Ana Novais, Miguel Barbot