Orders & shipping

Can I choose the color of the insoles ?
Yes. You will be able to change the color of the insoles or soles directly on the product page to custom build your Freshoes or your Jungle. There are 64 possibilities for the Freshoes, 8 for the Jungle Light and 8 for the Jungle Lux.

Payment method ?
You can pay either with Credit Card or with Paypal.
If you don't feel confident with those methods just send us an email so we can send you our IBAN for a bank transfer. Please be sure to use the exact amount displayed on your purchase order and also insure that transfer fees are supported from your side.

How can I use my discount code ?
If you have a discount code, you can use it at the check out page at the end of the ordering process. Just type it and click enter to see the discounted price.

What service do you use for shipping ?
All the orders are shipped using Fedex/TNT.

Can I use PO box for delivery address ? I am in a military facility, can you ship to an APO address ?
We are sorry but Fedex/TNT can't deliver your parcel to a PO box or APO address.

Can I use my home address for delivery ?
Of course but be sure that there is always someone to receive the parcel and sign the receipt. The delivery guy is not allowed to let the parcel without a signature proving the delivery. Therefore it may be better to us your office or gym address where the parcel will be left at the reception. You can also ask a delivery to your local Fedex dropping point.

When my parcel will be shipped ?
Normally the day after your order. It may happen during spring/summer season that a very large number of orders avoid the shipment of every order the same day. Don't worry, if it is not the same day, your order will be shipped the day after.
As soon as your parcel has been picked up by the forwarder, you will receive an email with a link to track your parcel. Note that this link may be active only by the end of the day (Lisbon time).

How long does shipping take ?
Usually you should expect 1 day delivery for Portugal, 2 days for European countries and 3 days for the USA. Rest of world, up to one week.

Can I track my parcel ?
Yes. Use the link that appear on your shipment validation email.