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Amazon Indians used to dipped their feet in the latex from hevea tree and smoked them in a fire to coagulate the first rubber sneakers...”

This quote is picked from the book “The Romance of Rubber” published by the United States Rubber Company. Long before the discovery of America by the Europeans, rubber was already used by Indians to waterproof clothes or to make unbreakable gummy bottles and, of course, to make shoes. The first explorers were amazed by this new substance and its infinite application. In 1745 the French scientist LaCondamine is the first to refer to the “cahuchu”.


Can you run when you wear flip-flops?

Because they are not ergonomic, they hamper your movements instead of giving you the freedom you would expect.

The shape of iGUANEYEs has been created to perfectly conform to the contours of your feet. The anatomic form has been custom-made and provides a supportive, secure and extremely comfortable fit. Unlike flip-flops, the piece that parts the toes is placed 1 cm ahead. Just like a second-skin, iGUANEYEs perfectly fit all your movements and do not cause irritation.

The advanced elastomer used for the main part is neutral, hypoallergenic, soft and very flexible. It is also 100% recyclable.


iGUANEYE cork insoles - Cork trees

The main part of the shoe incorporates a removable and ventilated sole. The sole is made of cork (98%) and natural latex (2%), and is coated with leather hide. By choosing these materials, we ensure top hygiene and comfort. Leather is soft to the skin, and cork acts as a natural antibacterial material, which absorbs sweat and prevents odors. 

Soles are handmade in Portugal using an innovative technology. A micro-net incorporated into the sole at the molding stage allows the cork to take various shapes and to support distortions.


iGUANEYE's ventilated system is made of six openings and of a series of canals which allow fresh air to circulate under the foot arch.  The moist is retained by the cork and evacuates continuously. This feeling of freshness reinforces the impression of not wearing anything and walking barefoot.