Frequently asked question

Here you will find all the information you may need before, while and after purchasing iGUANEYE's products. If you can't find the answer you are looking for, you can contact our customer support.


iGUANEYE adapts to your feet. The choice of the size is made easy as there are no half-sizes. Just pick your usual size.
If you really want to be sure to receive the size that will fit you, measure the length of your feet and report measurement in our sizing chart. Follow this link to visit our Size & Fit page.

Yes. As we are always receiving inquiries from people asking for larger sizes our will is to extend the size range as soon as possible. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to receive the latest news.

No. The iGUANEYE's main bodies are made in a soft and hypoallergenic material that does not heat the skin. They are made of a very flexible material that acts like a second skin. Therefore there is no relative movement between the skin and the interior surface of the sandals.

The iGUANEYEs were not specifically designed to run but some people have find them very good for short distance jogging. We were very impressed to learn that one of our most active customer succeed to run a 15km race with our model Jungle Light. Just keep in mind that running barefoot requires some adaptation time.

If you aim to walk under the rain or into shallow streams, you can use the Freshoes with the WP (waterproof insoles) or the Jungle Light. If you want to walk or even swim in deeper waters, we suggest that you use the Jungle Light. By its extremely open design, the Jungle Light lets the water flow while the Freshoes retain a certain amount of water what could cause them to fall out from your feet. Try not to dip the cork soles (suede leather insoles for Freshoes or Lux soles for Jungle). If your cork inserts are wet, just let them dry at room temperature.

While the Jungle Lux are certainly our more comfortable sandals, they are a bit more demanding in the beginning. Right out of the box, the Lux soles are a bit rigid. First put your feet on them to insure you have ordered the right size for your feet. Then you need to literally break them by bending them with your hands on several points (specially the metatarsal area, just after the toes, where the feet bend the most). This will get them to be much more flexible. Depending on the shape of your feet, the Jungle Lux may take a bit more time to conform. Be sure to put your heel at the very back of the sole. Be patient and as soon as your feet will have print their position in the cork, you will get the best comfort. This can take up to 4 days with a daily use.Here is the testimony from a client : "The Jungle Lux were a quite good fit from the start, but they have only gotten better the more I have used them. I love wearing them, the Lux are fantastic !"


The main body needs no particular care. You can wash it under running water with soap or in a washing machine at 40°C maximum temperature. The cork and leather insole can absorb up to 67% of humidity which they evacuate naturally. If they are wet, dry them at room temperature (NEVER USE A SOURCE OF HEAT, it could affect the leather). The Suede Leather insoles are 98% made of cork for a maximum hygiene and comfort. At the first use the insoles may leave some cork particles inside the main body. That is normal and alters in nothing their performance. For an optimized lifespan, we recommend the use of two pairs of removable insoles.


All the parts of the iGUANEYE are built in a radius of 40km around the beautiful city of Porto in the North of Portugal. Building a close and fair relationship with our suppliers is what made us move to Portugal seven years ago. We are very proud of our local production :)

-Main bodies (both for Freshoes and Jungle) : a specifically formulated TPE (thermoplastic elastomer). Those parts are injected into custom molds. This allows the iGUANEYE to get this unique organic design: one piece construction where no glue or seams are needed. This makes those parts very easy to recycle, you can just throw them on the plastic recycling container at the end of their life.
-Suede leather insoles : 98% cork+2% latex, covered with suede leather (also comes in a vegan version). Handmade in Portugal using an innovative technology. A micro-net incorporated into the sole at the moulding stage allows the cork to take various shapes and to support distortions.
-Vegan insoles : same construction than the SL insoles but a synthetic suede replace the leather.
-Waterproof insoles : EVA foam grid covered with synthetic leather OnSteam.
-Lux soles : 65%cork+35%latex, covered with suede leather. A thin rubber outsole provide very good reistance to abrasion.
-Light soles : medium density EVA foam.

Yes. You can choose vegan-beige and vegan-black insoles for your Freshoes. A vegan option for the Jungle Lux will be available soon. Freshoes with the WP insoles and the Jungle Light are also vegan options as they don't use any animal-based products.


Yes. You will be able to change the color of the insoles directly on the product page to custom build your Freshoes or your Jungle. There are 64 combination for the Freshoes, 8 for the Jungle Light and 8 for the Jungle Lux.

You can pay either by credit card or with Paypal. Both solutions offer a very high level of security. However, if you don't feel confident with online payments, just send us an email so we can send you our IBAN for a bank transfer. Be sure to use the exact amount displayed on your order form and also make sure that you are responsible for the transfer fees.

All the orders are shipped using Fedex/TNT.

We are sorry but Fedex/TNT can't deliver your parcel to a PO box or APO address.

Of course but be sure that there is always someone to receive the parcel and sign the receipt. The delivery guy is not allowed to let the parcel without a signature proving the delivery. Therefore it may be better to us your office or gym address where the parcel will be left at the reception. You can also ask a delivery to your local Fedex dropping point.

Normally the day after your order. It may happen during spring/summer season that a very large number of orders avoid the shipment of every order the same day. Don't worry, if it is not the same day, your order will be shipped the day after. As soon as your parcel has been picked up by the forwarder, you will receive an email with a link to track your parcel. Note that this link may be active only by the end of the day (Lisbon time).

Usually you should expect 1 day delivery for Portugal, 2 days for European countries and 3 days for the USA. Rest of world, up to one week.

Yes. Use the link that appear on your shipment validation email.

Yes. We can send you a new pair with the right size. You can return* your pair to the following address :

RANGEL logistics / iGUANEYE
Rua Raimundo Durães Magalhães
Zona Industrial da Maia - sector I, Lote 6/9
4475-132 Maia

Be sure that they have been worn only on a soft and clean surface. We won't replace shoes that are not in a brand new condition. As soon as we receive them, we will send you a new pair. Please put a paper in the box confirming colors and size of the products you aim to receive, the number of your order and the delivery address. The shipping of the right size will be on us. In case you want to check your size, please use our size validation tool HERE.