Jungle's Anatomy

iguaneye jungle lux

iGUANEYE Jungle is a extremely comfortable sandal. It provides ultra-minimal foot protection and acts like a second skin, following all your movements.

Here's how this amazing sandal is made.

A piece of Ultraflex elastomer only wraps around your big toe and your heel. By doing so, it secures a thick ergonomic sole under your feet and just like magic, it holds!

iguaneye jungle lux

Our favourite version, Jungle Lux, has a sole made from a mixture of cork and latex. This natural dual layer sole not only supports, but cork is a naturally antibacterial material, which absorbs sweat and prevents odors, ensuring both hygiene and comfort.

The Lux sole is covered with a soft leather hide and a rubber out-sole provides maximum resistance to abrasion. Flexible and adaptable, Jungle can adjust to your unique foot impression.