Making your iGUANEYE last longer

comfortable sandals

We believe that we must produce the most comfortable sandals and a durable product at the same time. By doing this, we use much fewer resources and, at the same time, you optimize your investment. Buying fewer things but buying better ones, it's how the story goes.

Designing a durable shoe and sourcing the best materials and manufacturers is not enough, though. It's also up to you, dear customer, to take good care of your shoes and make them last for many more joyful miles.

For doing that, we would love to share with you a few valuable tips on how to make your iGUANEYE last longer.

The main body needs no particular care. You can wash it under running water with soap or in a washing machine at 60°C maximum temperature.

On the inside, the cork and leather insoles can absorb up to 67% of humidity which they evacuate naturally. If they are wet, dry them at room temperature. Be aware of never using a source of heat because it can affect the leather.

The Suede Leather insoles are 98% made of cork for maximum hygiene and comfort. At the first use, the insoles may leave some cork particles inside the main body. That is normal and alters in nothing their performance.

The Jungle Light EVA insoles can loose a bit of their volume over time. Putting them in hot water will makes them pop back to their original shape.

For an optimized lifespan, we recommend the use of two pairs of removable insoles.

And now, it's time to go outside and hit the road!⠀