Our Philosophy

Since day one, all of the stages of our creation process have been thoughtfully considered: from every tiny detail from the materials to production until the end of the product's life. This became our ethos, created organically:

  1. Producing locally & small supply chains
    All our suppliers are in Portugal (within a 40 km radius around Porto), where part of our team is based, allowing us a fair and transparent supply chain. This way we guarantee a close relationship with our suppliers and a minimal environmental impact.
  2. Good & durable materials.
    We set high standards when it comes to choosing the materials to ensure the best comfort and durability and the lowest impact possible during the product lifetime.
  3. Recyclability
    We wanted to have the lowest impact possible, so we designed our shoes to be easily disassembled and recycled.
  4. Maintenance.
    Our design was developed to ensure a long life span: our insoles are removable, so you can replace them if worn out.
  5. Comfort
    Our ultimate goal is to develop the most comfortable shoe that allows your feet to walk as naturally as possible. 
  6. Flexibility 
    We aimed to create a very light and flexible shoe. It is also flexible because you can mix & match our different insole colors and materials, including a waterproof version.