Sonia, All about movement


Sonia is passionate about yoga and, more specifically, movement. In her practice, Sonia teaches and regularly shares her vision of a balanced way of living. Sharing is, in fact, an essential part of the journey where she (simultaneous) finds:
Frustration and Joy, Storm and Calm, Weakness and Strength, Rigidity & Freedom.

"Above all, my practice has become my personal laboratory, where I communicate with myself daily, and I become more resilient and prepared for the daily challenges.

When reflecting upon the future, I foresees a very disposable future in everything, objects, and even personal relationships. The constant need to have more and more will lead to the depletion of our mother nature's resources. Only with serious reflection and the realisation that happiness does not reside in accumulation can we aim for a sustainable future.

Yoga has dramatically influenced the way I consume. First, it opened doors to areas such as meditation and Ayurveda, and later on, related areas such as the movement and the barefoot shoe concept that inspire me every day.

Increasingly, sustainability concepts and brands that respect the environment are part of my daily life. Sustainability, cruelty-free, originality and origin are the main things I think about when buying something.

Barefoot, sustainable and 100% recyclable were the three things I loved about iGUANEYE. The fact that it is a brand with Portuguese roots from my dear Porto is a big plus.

I like the different look, the colours, the materials. I love when people ask me where I bought these shoes that look so different and super comfortable".

Photos: Sonia