What is your iGUANEYE's comfort made of?


Every time someone tries on a pair of iGUANEYEs, comfort and lightness are two of the most used words to describe them.

Where does all this comfort come from? Let's see:

1. The materials are neutral, hypoallergenic, soft and very flexible.
The main part is an advanced elastomer and the sole is made of cork (98%) and natural latex (2%) and is coated with leather hide (in Freshoes and Jungle Lux). 
2. There is enough space for your toes to fit perfectly without being too loose or too tight.
3. T
hey follow your movement closely.
4. The shape was created to perfectly conform to the contours of your feet.
5. The design was custom-made to provide a supportive, secure and extremely comfortable fit.
6. Incorporates a removable and ventilated sole (Freshoes).
7. iGUANEYE Freshoes' ventilated system is made of six openings and of a series of canals which allow fresh air to circulate under the foot arch.